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Check the insides
Check the insides

Computer / Laptop Health Check and Clean Up – £40

  • Full virus, malware and spyware scan and removal
  • Clearing old and unused files
  • Clearing the registry of errors
  • Uninstalling unwanted software slowing down the machine
  • Stopping programs from running at start-up which will speed up the boot time
  • Install latest Windows updates
  • Defrag the hard drive
  • Clear any dust caught inside the internal fans

Setup Windows 10
Setup Windows 10

Reinstall Operating System – £50

  • Format the hard drive and install the operating system from fresh
  • Reset laptops to factory settings
  • Back up any personal files or documents first
  • Reinstall any programs you have the original install files for.
  • Install latest Windows updates

Backing Up Data – £35

  • Cloning hard drives
  • Transferring data to new computers
  • Recovering data from old hard drives
  • Please call for price if drive is faulty

Laptop Screen Repair – £30 + cost of screen

  • Average screen price is £30 to £50
  • Average cost of full repair £60 to £80
  • Replace cracked screen with brand new screen

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